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Chemica, one of the leading supplier of vinyls for T shirt continuously offer superior quality wherein not only customers benefit but also the T shirt makers. Chemica, which was established since 1983, in their 33 years in heat transfer industry they have gathered numerous awards and first to produce different kind of swatch of vinyls like 50 micron flex (1995), fashion flex (2006), 3D flex (2007) , and Quickflex (2014). Nevertheless, a vinyl suppliers that has OEKO TEX certification I and II for both PU and PVC.

So why Chemica?

Quality. One of the featured vinyl of Chemica is First Mark. First mark is 105microns compared to ordinary vinyl which is 180microns which ensures the comfortability when being worn. Has a sticky backing that enables you to stick back to it’s proper position upon pressing, and is easy to weed that decreases production time for T Shirt makers. Up to 90°C washing condition, color resistant, semi stretched and has OEKO-TEX II that means this vinyl is free from harmful substances that is even safe for babies.

Variety. Chemica is one of those supplier that offers extensive choices in vinyl designs. Panther, Little Flower, Jeans, 3D Carbon, Super Glossy, Metallic, Popped up, Printables, Duo Flex etc., any many more designs to choose from.

Quality assurance check passed. They ensure that every jumbo roll is checked during production and has its own tracking number. Samples are kept from each roll and is plotted, weeded, pressed and washed, weeding force are checked during production.

Here are some of our tips on how to properly choose your vinyl.

  1. Stable brand and supplier: Search and look for stable and long term brands.
  2. Thickness: Thicker vinyl means hotter when worn so choose thinner vinyl.
  3. Free from harmful substances: Should be free from formaldehyde, pesticides, chloroprene, Aryl Amines colouring agents etc.
  4. Production Friendly: Easy to peel and easy to cut.
  5. Wash Cycle: Tests say that a good vinyl is up to 80 wash cycles.

For more information of Chemica quality vinyls, kindly keep in touch with Crystal Image Paper Marketing Corporation as we are the authorized distributor of Chemica vinyl in the Philippines.

T-Shirt Printing Business Starter Package

T-shirt printing business package Philippines
T-shirt printing business package Philippines
T-shirt printing business package Philippines
T-shirt printing business package Philippines
T-shirt printing business package Philippines

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