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    i-Craft™, a portable cutting plotter with the highest cutting force and speed, is ideal for micro-business, startups, schools, restaurants, offices and stores. i-Craft™ creates the most possibilities in iron-on display, packaging, rhinestone decals, labels, fabric and stickers.

    GCC i-Craft cutter plotter review


    GCC i-Craft Cutting Plotter features Philippines

    A : Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System
    With AAS II contour cutting system, users can print graphics and use i-Craft™ to cut the contour automatically to complete a diversity of designs in an easy way, including stickers, décor, cards and so on.


    B : 350 Grams of Cutting Force (NEW)
    The maximum of 350g cutting force extends the applicability of a i-Craft™ which can cut various materials, such as cardstock paper, heat transfer paper, tattoo paper and soft magnetic.


    C : USB Flash Drive Compatible (New)
    With the use of USB, users can create their designs wherever they want and save it to USB for later uses. i-Craft™ eliminates the limitation of creation. (Note: SD card is an optional item.)


    D : Power Saving Mode (NEW)
    If you enable this function, i-Craft™ will go into sleep mode.


    E : Auto-adjusted Blade
    i-Craft™ is equipped with an auto-adjusted blade, so users can cut the designs perfectly without complicated blade adjustment procedure.


    F : Trace Image
    Useful “Trace Image “ function of Sure Cuts A Lot that allows you to convert any image file (.bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .png) into cutting file for contour cutting


    G : Intuitive AP Software and Driver
    i-Craft™ standard software is compatible with a diversity of file formats including SVG, PDF, AI, EPS, PLT, PNG, and WPC, providing the optimum compatibility. Better than that, GCC exclusive driver for i-Craft™ allows users to use familiar design software and print to i-Craft™ via driver with ease, extending the compatibility and user friendliness.

    GCC i-Craft cutter plotter

    A : Application of Engraving Tip with Stainless Steel

    The i-Craft™ Application Lab of the month introduces the application of stainless steel tags.

    With the engraving tip, i-Craft™ engraves on stainless steel tags that are widely used for signs, metallic tags and logos, decorative tags, and many more. With the right setting in SCA and the engraving tip, i-Craft™ allows users to freely edit, create and design images, presenting supreme-quality stainless steel tags. The standard GCC software Sure Cuts A Lot is exceptionally easy to use. With the application of different blades, i-Craft™ cuts geometric shapes, texts, images, numbers and other items that come to your mind, creating unique and impressive works.


    B : Magnetic Sheet Application

    The GCC i-Craft™ Application Lab of the month works on magnetic sheets,which are broadly welcomed by the customization and advertisement markets. Magnets are popular items often seen at trade shows, as a part of stationeries and on ads. They are a greatly loved and used material for various occasions. With GCC i-Craft™’s powerful Sure Cuts A Lot software, users can edit event &holiday cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards through Trace Image, Shapes Library and Rhinestone…etc.


    C : Delicate Gift Boxes

    Homemade gift box application: Through i-Craft™, you can move your idea forward. Creative custom gift boxes for sweets, biscuits and desserts can be made appealing and easy on the eyes with i-Craft™. Equipped with Sure Cuts A Lot enabling users to cut geometric figures,

    words, images, numbers and many contour customized graphics, GCC i-Craft™ is your best choice and let you enjoy the process of making crafts.

    Sure cuts A Lot cutter plotter software

    i-Craft™ comes with standard Sure Cuts A Lot

    software allowing you to cut virtually any shape of design, including Rhinestone layout, TrueType fonts, custom shapes, and designs imported from Corel Draw or Illustrators. It gives you endless possibilities!

    • Available for Windows & Macintosh OSX
    • Create rhinestones templates
    • Auto tracing features to automatically convert images for cutting
    • Import various file formats, including SVG & PDF
    • Works with your installed TrueType & OpenType fnts, as well as thousands of free fonts available on the Internet.
    • Drawing tools to draw and edit shapes
    • Weld letters & shapes together
    • Select styles, including Shadow & Blackout to change the look of your letters and shapes with just a few clicks
    • WYSIWYG Interface - What you see is what you cut
    • Free access to professionally made video training series
    • Operational Method : Roller-Type
    • Max. Cutting Width : 30.5 cm (12")
    • Max. Cutting Length : up to 1000mm
    • Max. Media Loading Width : 33 cm (13")
    • Number of Pinch Rollers : 2
    • Acceptable Material Thickness : s 0.8 mm (0.03")
    • Drive Motor: Stepper motor
    • Cutting Force : 5~350 g
    • Max. Cutting Speed : 300 mm/sec (12ips)
    • Offset : 0~1.0 mm (with an increase of 0.025 mm)
    • Memory Buffer : 32 MB
    • Interfaces : USB 2.0 (Full Speed) and USB flash drive (FAT16 / FAT32)
    • Type of Command: HP-GL, HP-GL/2
    • Mechanical Resolution : 0.05 mm
    • Software Resolution : 0.025 mm
    • Distance Accuracy : ±0.254 mm or ±0.1% of move, whichever is greater
    • Repeatability : ±0.1 mm
    • Automatic-Aligning System : Completely Automatic Contour Cutting System for print to cut solution
    • Test Cut: Yes
    • Repeat: Yes
    • Over Cut: Yes
    • Control Panel : LCD panel
    • Diameter of Blade : 2.5 mm
    • Power Supply : AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz (auto switching)
    • Power Consumption : max 40 watts
    • Optional Items: Advanced blade, Engraving tip, Color pen holder, Debossing tool and desktop media holder system

    Optional Items

    We have available package for the GCC cutter plotter.

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