• Sapphire® Heat Press,

    Your Ideal tool in Digital Printing Business

    Time, temperature and pressure, these are the key factors in making a good finish product. A heat press that has accurate time, even heat and even pressure is your best tool in order to have a successful printing business.


    Sapphire is a heat press brand that is being carried by Crystal Image Paper Marketing Corporation, one of the pioneer and leading supplier of digital printing machines and consumables in the Philippines. Sapphire heat press machines are made in China and were launched last 2015, and has sold over 5000 units of heat presses in just 2 years.


    Either a manual, magnetic or pneumatic type of heat press, all are equipped with high power heat platen that provides even heat. Laser direct structure with a solid base that upgrades the standards of todays 3rd generation heatpresses. Properly selected raw materials and parts built into a heat press machine. Specially designed physical attributes for longer life span and comfort. Upgraded specifications and features for easier and faster production without error and assurance of high quality finished products. These are the signature and trademark of Sapphire heat presses.

    Sapphire is not only a heat press, but is your ideal tool in digital printing business. From mug press, cap press, plate press and to different sizes of heat presses, all of these can help you achieve your ideal finished product that is beyond expectation.

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